As a Company looking to hire how will working with Lucida Search Partners benefit your business

  • Significant reach across the Aircraft Leasing sector with access to C Level candidates down to mid / junior level candidates.
  • Excellent reputation for delivering fantastic candidates to established or new Aircraft Leasing Companies looking to expand or open offices.
  • Top level personal delivery record for clients introducing candidates across all departments who have made a significant impact on the business.
  • Candidate Video Introductions with applications, Mobile-Optimised Interfacing, Behavioural Assessments. Enhanced Client Experience.
  • Automated talent generation system which attracts candidates globally 24/7 and reaches every corner of the marketplace.
  • We help companies like yours with the challenge of attracting and retaining highly skilled and market-proven professionals.
  • Improved In-Depth Analytical Insight of candidates, their behavior and how they are likely to perform in the role.
  • Evidence based process management system which provide top candidates to employers through methods which have predictable outcomes and remove all the guesswork.

If you hire Internationally within the Aircraft Leasing Sector either as a HR Professional, Department Head or CEO you will likely have come across these common problems.

  1. Increased Competition for Aircraft Leasing Candidates
    Competing with other International Aircraft Leasing Companies for the same limited supply of top performing candidates.
  1. Quality of Aircraft Leasing Candidates
    Difficulty in getting access to the High Performing Quality candidates in specialist areas when you need them.
  1. Restrictive Window of Availability of Aircraft Leasing Candidates
    Limited window of when candidates will consider opportunities due to walking away from significant Bonuses plus then dealing with 3-month notice periods.
  1. Costs of Aircraft Leasing Candidates
    Wage demands and expectations spiralling higher and higher due to new entrants and growth of existing Aircraft Leasing Companies.
  1. Retention of Aircraft Leasing Candidates
    Holding on to your Top Performers in Business-Critical positions. Not having a Proven Actionable Strategy to prevent disruption to workforce when losing key employees, inability to expand and / or replace these individuals when needed.
  1. Short Term Solutions
    Becoming reliant upon contractors, secondments, short-term solutions.
  1. Reactive Panic Hiring of International Aircraft Leasing Candidates
    With no system in place to give you predictive results companies are making Hiring Decisions on who is available rather than what you need. Disruption to workforce when losing key employees, inability to expand team when needed.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss our system and strategies and how we can help you in filling your open positions.

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