Key Attributes & Benefits To You The Candidate

  • Be first to hear about hiring requirements with established and new entrants in the aircraft leasing sector.
  • Years of experience working with each of our clients which allows us coach you through the process, likely questions, interviewer styles etc.
  • Understanding of career paths and progress within leasing companies and can advise candidate on their next steps in their career.
  • Exclusively being used by the client on the majority of the positions we are working on.

Your Privacy and Confidentiality

We completely understand sharing your CV can be risky at times. You may not wish for your current company to find out just yet. Every application or shared CV is dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

We uphold your confidentiality throughout the placement process and inform our clients to respect your privacy. The sector can be small in terms of network. From our perspective, the way we attract the best talent is by respecting our candidates’ confidentiality. Your details will never go anywhere without your verbal or written consent.

Candidate Call / Meeting